SST Gearbox Servicing & Repairs

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X SST and Ralliart SST both feature the Getrag SST gearbox, the Getrag design is incredible, in a nutshell the design is based around two input shafts (one inside the other) that each spline their own clutch drive hubs. The method behind the design allows the shift forks to select both an odd and even gear which leads to incredibly quick gear changes, the perfect solution for a performance car. The concept was adopted by Audi and Porsche in the mid-80's for use in their motorsport operations, today, Getrag refer to this design as their 'Powershift Transmission'.


The impressive yet complex design of the gearbox has resulted in limited specialist support being available in the UK, but worry not, you've come to the right place, Indigo-GT is the UK's ONLY Dodson Motorsport Pro-Dealer specialising in their entire range of products and services for the Getrag gearbox. Additionally we offer dealer level and above diagnostics, servicing, repairs and complete gearbox rebuilds. We have our own MUTIII Diagnostic Tool and cater for Gearbox Software Updates and complete Clutch Pack Re-Teach Procedures.

If you've experienced any of the following;

  • Intermittent clutch slip
  • Slow gear changes
  • Grinding sound from the gearbox
  • Inability to select certain gears

Then be sure to contact us for advice, over the many years we've been working on these gearboxes, we've found that issues caught and resolved early can mean the difference between a repair bill of a few hundred pounds and a few thousand pounds. Below you'll find some prices for the most common services we offer.


SST Gearbox Re-Teach - £125 inc VAT

The nature of the SST Gearbox means that over time the clutch plates wear, eventually they have to be replaced entirely but before that point, this wear causes the height of the clutch pack to change ever so slightly. The gearbox, being the finely tuned piece of engineering that it is relies upon a number of sensor within the gearbox that soon find themselves working outside of their configured range as the height of the clutch pack changes, this usually leads to slow and inefficient gear changes, a far cry from how the gearbox was initially designed to operate.

In many circumstances, a Re-Teach using our MUTIII Diagnostic Tool can cure this, this costs just £125.00 inc VAT and takes approximately two hours.



SST Gearbox Oil & External Filter Change - £259 inc VAT

Maintenance is key to ensuring the SST Gearbox is in peak condition, Mitsubishi have a relatively high maintenance interval for the SST Gearbox set at 70k miles, we strongly recommend following the maintenance interval as used by the previous generation of Evo which recommends replacing the transmission fluid at 18k miles (or two years).

This service uses eight litres of fluid (Fuchs TITAN DCTF) and a genuine Mitsubishi External Filter, this costs just £259 inc VAT.



SST Gearbox Overhaul From £1499 inc VAT

Some of the issues referred to above cannot be cured by a Re-Teach or Oil Change alone, in such circumstance, more persistent issues may require removal of the gearbox and a complete dismantling and inspection of the various internal components, something we're quite adept at doing.This service starts at just £1499 inc VAT and includes the following;

  • Removal of the gearbox
  • Dismantling and cleaning of the gearbox
  • Assessment of internal components
  • Replacement internal magnetic filter and external filter
  • Eight litres of Fuchs TITAN DCTF fluid
  • Refitting of the gearbox
  • MUTIII Gearbox Re-Teach

This is a much more cost effective solution than replacing the gearbox (which cost approx. £11k from Mitsubishi) and rules out the inherent level of risk in purchasing a second hand gearbox.



SST Gearbox Rebuilds From £2249 inc VAT

Over time the SST Clutch Plates wear, this is entirely normal, eventually the Clutch Plates will have to be replaced, early symptoms of this include clutch slip and inefficient gear changes. It's important to address this issue early on as extreme clutch slip can easily lead to additional and severe damage (sometimes irreparable) being done to the rest of the components within the gearbox.

We have a number of Rebuild Packages available for a range of budgets and requirements, all our packages include everything as listed in the Gearbox Overhaul Package above with the addition of new Clutch Plates and as in the case of some of the Dodson packages, new seals as required;

Option 1 - IGT-R Stock SST Rebuild Package - £2249 inc VAT

This package utilises stock clutch plates (rated up to 400lbft), it is the perfect option if you're running a stock ECU map or up to our IGT-R Stage 2 Performance Pack where we hold the torque back slightly, this costs just £2249 inc VAT.

Option 2 - IGT-R Dodson Super Stock Rebuild Package - £3654 inc VAT

This package is based around the Dodson Motorsport Super Stock Clutch Plates (rated up to 450lbft), if your car has been remapped above 400lbft or your simply looking for a little extra headroom for a Stage 2 power car, this a good starting point at just £3654 inc VAT.

Option 3 - IGT-R Dodson Clubman Rebuild Package - £4237 inc VAT

The Dodson Clubman Package utilises the heavy duty Exedy Plates (as used by the Super Stock Package) with the addition of two heavy duty, high tensile alloy clamping plates resulting in this package being rated up to 500lbft for just £4237 inc VAT.

Option 4 - IGT-R Dodson Sportsman Rebuild Package - £6336 inc VAT

The Dodson Sportsman Package is the final word when it comes to the capability of the SST Gearbox, rated up to 600lbft, this incredible feat of engineering features a Heavy Duty Billet Steel Clutch Basket, Heavy Duty Exedy Plates, High Tensile Alloy Clamping Plates and High Tensile Alloy Pistons with High Temperature Seals, this is a serious level of kit that has required extensive development, engineering and manufacturing which is reflected by the price at £6336 inc VAT.



Indigo-GT Gearbox Repair/Rebuild Warranty

We believe it's vitally important to stand behind our work, all our re-build packages include a six months or 5,000 miles (whichever comes first) limited warranty against labour and any new parts (excluding consumables items) that have been supplied and fitted by Indigo-GT Ltd. In addition to this, we offer a 12 months or 10,000 miles (whichever comes first) limited warranty against any new parts (excluding consumable items) that have been supplied and fitted by Indigo-GT Ltd. This Warranty does not not include any associated transport costs in returning your vehicle to us.

Our Warranty shall only be applicable on vehicles that are operating a standard ECU tune (ie have not been remapped) or have been remapped exclusively by Indigo-GT Ltd with the engine power and torque levels within the design specification of the chosen IGT-R Rebuild Package, in addition to this any gearboxes that have previously failed due to being filled with incorrect gear oils (such as ATF Fluid) will not be covered by warranty due to the extensive damage that can be caused. This does not effect your statutory rights

Common Fault Codes For SST Issues

P1828: Shift fork position sensor 2 system (Neutral) P1829: Shift fork position sensor 2 system (Poor performance) P182A: Shift fork position sensor 3 system (Voltage low range out) P182B: Shift fork position sensor 3 system (Voltage high range out) P182C: Shift fork position sensor 3 system (Output range out) P182D: Shift fork position sensor 3 system (Neutral) P182E: Shift fork position sensor 3 system (Poor performance) P1831: Shift fork position sensor 4 system (Voltage low range out) P1832: Shift fork position sensor 4 system (Voltage high range out) P1833: Shift fork position sensor 4 system (Output range out) P1834: Shift fork position sensor 4 system (Neutral) P1835: Shift fork position sensor 4 system (Poor performance) P1836: Shift fork 1 malfunction P183D: Shift fork 2 malfunction P1844: Shift fork 3 malfunction P184B: Shift fork 4 malfunction P1852: Shift fork 1 or 2 opposite direction movement P1855: Shift fork 3 or 4 opposite direction movement P1857: Odd number gear axle interlock P1858: Even number gear axle interlock P1859: Disengagement too late with clutch 1 P185A: Engagement too late with clutch 1 P185B: Disengagement too late with clutch 2 P185C: Engagement too late with clutch 2 P185D: Clutch open not possible P1862: High side 1 system (Overcurrent) P1863: High side 1 system (Open circuit) P1864: High side 1 system (Short to power supply) P1866: High side 2 system (Overcurrent) P1867: High side 2 system (Open circuit) P1868: High side 2 system (Short to power supply) P186A: High side 3 system (Overcurrent) P186B: High side 3 system (Open circuit) P186C: High side 3 system (Short to power supply) P186D: High side 1 system (Voltage low range out) P186E: High side 2 system (Voltage low range out) P186F: High side 3 system (Voltage low range out) P1870: Engine torque signal abnormality P1871: APS system (Signal abnormality) P1872: Between shift lever and TC-SST system (Q-A function abnormality) P1873: Clutch 1 system (Pressure abnormality) P1874: Clutch 2 system (Pressure abnormality) P1875: Damper speed sensor system (Poor performance) P1876: Gear block 1st P1877: Gear block 2nd P1878: Gear block 3rd P1879: Gear block 4th P187A: Gear block 5th P187B: Gear block 6th P187C: Gear block reverse P1880: EOL Mode Active P1881: Twin clutch SST control mode switch system (Malfunction)