Blitz LM panel filter Evo 4-9



SUS Power LM panel filters are direct replacements for the standard panel filter, they fit straight into the standard air filter box and improve airflow into the engine whilst still offering very high levels of filtration. Applications include...

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ETS Mitsubishi Evo 7-9 Air Intake Kit


£318.16 £286.34

The ETS Air Intake Kit is a great modification for EVOs running the stock MAF. This kit eliminates the restrictive stock rubber intake pipe and filter, and replaces them with a high flowing 3" intake tube, contoured velocity stack with 4.5" filter...

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SFS Lancer Evo 7 8 Induction Pipe

SFS Performance Hoses


SFS Performance direct replacement hose kits don’t just add race-bred style to an engine bay; they also provide peace of mind. Their high performance construction ensures total component reliability, even if you have modified your engine. Our hose kits...

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Throttle Kicker For Mitsubishi Evo 7-9



he throttle "kicker" jacks open the engine's throttle to allow 12~20% air to flow through the engine under certain conditions, usually related to "Anti-Lag" systems.Our kickers generally come with a CNC bracket to mount the vacuum activated actuator to...

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Air Filters and Intakes