Blitz LM panel filter Evo 4-9



SUS Power LM panel filters are direct replacements for the standard panel filter, they fit straight into the standard air filter box and improve airflow into the engine whilst still offering very high levels of filtration. Applications include...

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HKS 200mm Super Filter Element Green


The HKS replacement 200 mm filter element in Green is the newer 3 layer version. The 3 layer is more suited to the Super Power Flow Reloaded Induction kit we recommend that you change these filters at regular intervals to keep your kit breathing as it...

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HKS Super Hybrid Filter Evo 4-9


The HKS Super Hybrid Filter is a 3 layered filter, each layer having a different function,it is a well balanced stock replacement type air filter cleaner for quick response as a sport filter and long life.The 3 layered filter divides,collects intake air...

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