Bridgeway I-Beam Rods Evo X



Bridgeway Forged Billet 4340 rod, JI-Beam, Mitsubishi 4B11T EVO X, 5.649"/143.75mm length, groove bushed pin with 3/8"-24x1.600" ARP2000 bolts, set of 4. LENGTH   BIG BORE   BE WIDTH   PIN BORE   PE WIDTH   WEIGHT mm Inches...

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Indigo-GT Evo X Rod Upgrade (Rod Job)



We can now offer Evo X Rod upgrades to allow upto 550bhp to be run.Parts used areBW I-Beam RodsCosworth Head GasketARP Head StudsGasketsOilsPrice the £1895Timing and Oil Pump Chain replacement, with timing guides and tensioners - £495In...

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