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Ecutek grant us the ability to offer a completely customised ECU calibration solution for your Focus ST taking any modifications into account, as a tuning company the features afforded by Ecutek are truly unrivalled and from the a customer perspective, the RaceROM features provide a massively enhanced driving experience.


  • Four-way Mode Switching: Swap between four different modes using ECU Connect on your mobile device, name each mode using ProECU.
  • Boost Controller: Adjust the maximum allowed boost pressure using the cruise control or ECU Connect, one for each map switch mode.
  • Adjustable Launch Control: Live adjustment of the launch RPM using the cruise-control switchgear or ECU Connect.
  • Flat-foot Shift: Make full-throttle gearshifts by reducing engine torque and controlling the engine speed during the gear change.
  • Auto Blip: Applies a short burst of throttle when down-shifting under braking to provide a smooth entry into the next gear.
  • Oil Temp Gauge Hijack: Drive the oil temp gauge to show anything you want using the output of a Custom Map.
  • Start-Stop Memory Save: Remembers the last setting so you don’t have to keep disabling the factory Start-Stop.
  • Custom Maps: 16 new maps that can be configured to do whatever you want!
  • High-Speed Data-logging: 90 custom live data-logging parameters that are absolutely critical for accurate tuning.

For the complete list of Ecutek Features for the Focus ST Mk3, click here.

Stage 1 - 290bhp & 360lbft

Our Stage 1 Software requires no engine hardware modifications but will work with uprated intercoolers, air intakes and cat back exhausts, this package consists of a custom ECU calibration, Ecutek software licence, data logging and dyno power runs.

Price £599 inc VAT


Stage 2 - 320bhp & 375lbft

Our Stage 2 Software requires an uprated air intake, intercooler and turbo downpipe, this package consists a custom ECU calibration, Ecutek software licence, data logging and dyno power runs.

Price £599 inc VAT

Important Note: These figures are based on the 99RON fuel.





We've put together a Stage 2 Package based on our Stage 2 Software, this package includes an Airtec Intercooler, Airtec Stage 2 Air Intake with K&N Filter, Airtec Decat Downpipe, Ecutek Software Licence and Labour.

Price £1849 inc VAT



Improving engine performance is one thing but being able to stop is much more important, we have some fantastic stopping power upgrades from well known manufacturers such as Alcon and Stoptech, you'll find these products on our site and we offer full fitting services at our workshop.




We offer suspension upgrades from a wide range of manufacturers including Bilstein, Eibach and Nitron, we're also the only KW Performance Partner in South Wales and the West, we don't just sell high end suspension, we offer installation, geo setup and corner weighting to ensure you're getting the very best out of your upgrades.




We offer a wide range of exhausts upgrades from well known manufacturers such as Akrapovic, Milltek Sport, Cobra and Scorpion, we offer free fitting on Milltek Catback Exhausts that are purchased at full RRP, contact us for more information.


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