Indigo-GT is the only Ecutek Master Tuner in Wales, if you're new to the tuning world you may not know who Ecutek are but in a nutshell, Ecutek have been developing ECU tuning and remapping software for 12 years and are forerunners in tuning for high performance vehicle ECU's. As a Master Tuner, Indigo-GT is able to remap the following vehicles using Ecutek;

  • BMW M135i, M235i & 335i
  • BMW M3 & M4
  • Ford Focus ST & RS Mk3
  • Mitsubishi Evolution (1997 On)
  • Mitsubishi Colt (2005 On)
  • Nissan GT-R (2008 On)
  • Subaru Impreza (2001 On)
  • Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT86


Ecutek RaceROM offers exciting new features and functionality that simply aren’t possible with the vehicle’s standard factory ECU. RaceROM includes multiple ignition and fuel maps, special features, custom high-speed data-logging parameters and ECU security. RaceROM is currently available for drive by wire Subaru Impreza's and the BRZ, the GT86 and the Nissan GT-R, some of our favourite features include map switching, launch control, auto-blip on downshift and flat foot shifting.


For a full list a features available with Ecutek RaceROM, simple click here, if you'd like to know more about Ecutek RaceROM or for booking enquiries, simply contact us.


Ecutek understand that the driver of any tuned car wants to get the most from their vehicle, Ecutek designed the ProECU Programming Kit (available from Indigo-GT) to make this possible. ProECU provides diagnostic and logging facilities for a range of vehicles from Nissan, Subaru and Mitsubishi which surpass even the manufacturer diagnostics tools, key features are;

  • Gives you access to a huge number of diagnostic parameters for a wide range of vehicles.

  • Ability to read and clear Diagnostics CEL codes.

  • Ability to log data from the Innovate LM1 wideband Lambda sensor.

  • Ability to log data from any custom sensors with Labjack.

  • Compatible with RaceROM Feature Enhancements and enhanced logging facilities.

These tools give you the power and knowledge to work with Indigo-GT in order to get the most from your car. ProECU also gives you the ability to switch between tuned ROM files. These are made by Indigo-GT but you choose how your car performs. This means if you want more power for a track day, but want a nice economic car for the rest of the week, you can have both, or as many as you like.


As with everything in life, there are pros and cons to having an aftermarket ECU fitted, you can be certain that Indigo-GT will always draw upon our experience and knowledge to ensure we're giving you the best possible advice, Ecutek has many advantages over aftermarket ECU's and "piggyback" chips that may not be suitable for all applications, some of these advantages include;

  • Your vehicle maintains complex pre-set maps such as cold start, ignition learning and idle control which greatly improve the day to day driveability of the vehicle.

  • Safety maps and conditions such as sensor checks and limp home modes are still present which can prevent serious engine damage should a fault occur.

  • All ECU tuning is based on the very latest ECU software versions issued by the vehicle manufacturer, as part of the remapping process we will upgrade your ECU to the latest software version available.

  • Your vehicle will be custom tuned to suit the modifications, driver, climate and fuel conditions.

  • Ecutek reduces the possibility of damage to the engine from false sensor input or boost clamps.