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Ecutek have been developing ECU tuning software for well over a decade, unlike other big name tuning companies, Ecutek don't supply pre-made off the shelf tunes, Ecutek develop the software and tools that allow us as an Ecutek Master Tuner to create a bespoke ECU calibration for your vehicle.

This isn't a Mickey Mouse "custom remap" that Bob down the road sells for a couple of quid, using Ecutek we build a custom ECU calibration for your vehicle, as part of the process we'll make hundreds of changes to your vehicles ECU calibration taking full advantage of any hardware upgrades (aftermarket exhausts, intercoolers, turbo's etc) with extensive data logging and dyno proven results, we currently offer Ecutek Tuning for the following vehicles;

  • Audi S1, 8V S3 & TTS Mk3
  • BMW M135i, M235i & 335i
  • BMW M2, M2C, M3 & M4
  • Ford Focus ST & RS Mk3
  • Mitsubishi Evolution (1997 On)
  • Nissan GT-R (2008 On)
  • Seat Leon Cupra Mk3
  • Subaru Impreza (2001 On)
  • Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT86
  • VW Mk7 & 7.5 Golf GTI & R


If you'd like an Ecutek quote call us on 01495 719 720 or complete the following form and we'll come back to you via email, you'll find answers to some frequently asked questions further down the page.




One of the main features that sets Ecutek apart from the competition are the RaceRom Features, these give you greater control over your Ecutek Tune, contact us for more information about what features are available for your vehicle.

Map Switching

We can configure up to four different maps which the driver cans witch between them using either the cruise control or ECU Connect app, useful if you'd like to run different fuel grades.

Adjustable Torque

RaceRom hijacks the sports displays to give you the ability to set how much torque is delivered to the rear wheels between 50-100%, perfect if you'd like to avoid "doing a Clarkson" on a wet day.

Adjustable Pops & Bands*

We all love pops and bangs, with RaceRom you can use a simple slider to set just how aggressive those pops and bangs are or even switch them off completely.

Toque Per Gear*

Not only can you modify the overall torque delivery but with the Ecutek app, you can set how much torque is delivered per gear, this is really useful if you find your car breaking traction in the lower gears, just tweak the torque down slightly and you're good to go.

*Requires Ecutek Bluetooth Connect

Ecutek Bluetooth Connect

This is the perfect accompaniment to your Ecutek ECU Calibration and unlocks some pretty impressive features such as;

  • Map Switching on-the-fly – Set up to 4 modes
  • Custom Inputs – slider button or numerical control to adjust boost, torque, rpm and any number of inputs and outputs to Custom Maps
  • Display Flex Fuel Content – Use gauges to set up a Flex Fuel array to monitor Ethanol content, fuel pressure, ignition timing etc.
  • Data Logging – Record and display hundreds of BMW parameters
  • Dashboards – Add gauges, bar graphs and digital values to create custom displays, change colours and set alarm thresholds
  • DTCs – Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes
  • Performance Analyser – Test and share your performance results with friends







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