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BMW M3 (F80) & M4 (F82) Tuning


The F80 M3 and F82 M4 both feature BMW's incredible Twin Turbo Six Cylinder S55 Engine, our ECU calibration development programme consisted of a combination of spending a considerable amount of time fine tuning and adjusting our S55 performance calibration on our in-house Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road with extensive on-road data logging and adjustments with the aim of ensuring we saw the best possible performance gains whilst maintaining day to day driveability.

Our stated goal was improved performance without compromise, when you're driving around town or in traffic, the car still responds and performs as it should but when you hit the open roads, the vastly improved performance is instantly there.

We've been an Ecutek Master Tuner (the only one in Wales) for many years and drew on our extensive experience to take full advantage of the capabilities extended to us by using the Ecutek software for the development of our S55 calibration. With access to extensive datalogging, map definitions and the ever evolving Ecutek RaceRom features, we're entirely satisfied that our F-Series ECU calibration is unmatched.

The introduction of the OPF (otto particulate filter) by BMW in 2018 posed a new challenge, the filter introduced a substantial exhaust gas flow rate restriction but after extensive development on a brand new M4, we're delighted to announce that the OPF is not a concern, our ECU calibration for OPF vehicles prevents excessive back pressure.

We have developed Stage 1, Stage 1+ and Stage 2 ECU Calibrations with complete Performance Packages that include the necessary hardware available.


Stage 1 - 520bhp

This package is designed for a stock car with no hardware modifications required and consists of our ECU Calibration using Ecutek, data logging and dyno power runs.

Price £699 inc VAT


Stage 1+ - 540bhp

This package consists of our ECU Calibration using Ecutek, data logging, dyno power runs, the supply & fit of a Milltek Catback Exhaust and the supply and fit of a pair of K&N panel air filters.

Price £2669 inc VAT 


Stage 2 - 560bhp

This package consists of our ECU Calibration using Ecutek, data logging, dyno power runs, the fabrication and fitting of a pair of custom stainless steel decat downpipes, the supply and fit of a Milltek Catback Exhaust and the supply and fit of a pair of K&N panel air filters.

Price £3469 inc VAT


VTT S55 Crank Bolt Capture Kit

Crank hub slip is a known issue on the S55 which can effect both tuned or stock vehicles, should the crank hub slip it can cause extensive engine damage, thanks to VTT, we're able to significantly reduce the chance of this happening but fitting a VTT S55 Crank Bolt Capture Kit, this slips over the head of the crank bolt fully encapsulating it and locks it to the crank hub, meaning it cannot back out no matter what.

Price £399 inc VAT (Parts & Labour)




Ecutek Bluetooth Connect

This is the perfect accompaniment to your Ecutek ECU Calibration.

Price £240 inc VAT






Improving engine performance is one thing but being able to stop is much more important, we have some fantastic stopping power upgrades from well known manufacturers such as Alcon and Stoptech, you'll find these products on our site and we offer full fitting services at our workshop.




We offer suspension upgrades from a wide range of manufacturers including Bilstein, Eibach and Nitron, we're also the only KW Performance Partner in South Wales and the West, we don't just sell high end suspension, we offer installation, geo setup and corner weighting to ensure you're getting the very best out of your upgrades.




We offer a wide range of exhausts upgrades from well known manufacturers such as Akrapovic, Milltek Sport, Cobra and Scorpion, we offer free fitting on Milltek Catback Exhausts that are purchased at full RRP, contact us for more information.


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