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Performance and Economy Mapping


Prices start at £195 for performance and economy maps or £249 with before and after power runs.

Our IGT-R Remapping Software is available for a wide range of vehicles including trucks and vans, using our CMD Flashtec interface, we're able to remap many vehicles via the OBD port and offer BDM remapping for post 2010 vehicles fitted with TriCore protected ECU's. Our IGT-R Software has been extensively developed to offer the best possible performance gains whilst taking into account longevity and reliability. We're able to remap approximately 90% of modern vehicles from the following manufacturers;



Improved Throttle Response - If your vehicle feels a little sluggish pulling off, an IGT-R Remap will help remove the initial delay from the point at which you depress the peddle to power delivery.

Better Fuel Economy - Turbo Diesel vehicles respond incredibly well to remapping with increased torque delivering up to 10% more MPG's based on driving style.

More Power, More Torque - Undoubtedly the main reason our customers decide to have their vehicles remapped is the improved engine power, on average our IGT-R Software delivers improvements of up to 35%, sometimes more depending on the particular vehicle but you can rest assured, whilst improving your vehicles power output is the goal of our ECU Remapping, we understand the need to balance power with longevity and reliability, other companies may claim to get higher figures but you can be certain an IGT-R Remap will deliver you safe figures, after all, once you leave our premises, we want you to enjoy the benefits of our Software for as long as you own the vehicle.


The simplest and easiest method of ECU Remapping is using the vehicles OBD or on-board diagnostic port, remapping your vehicle using this method involves us reading the complete calibration file from the ECU, a copy of this file is then stored on our server allowing us to restore the ECU back to the stock calibration in the future should that be required.

Drawing on our knowledge and experience, we adjust multiple operating parameters within the ECU calibration file such as requested boost levels, torque requests and fuelling etc before uploading this newly modified calibration file to the vehicles ECU, once complete we conduct an initial test drive in order to monitor real time data from the vehicle to ensure optimal performance, we may complete this procedure multiple times where further adjustments are necessary.



In late 2009 Tricore protected ECU's were introduced by many vehicle manufacturers, this new type of ECU has been designed to prevent remapping using the OBD port,