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About Us


Our Vision

To become the most trusted performance tuning centre and specialist parts retailer in South Wales.

Our Values

Nothing is someone else’s problem - this is the driving ethos behind our company supported by a spirt of teamwork, professionalism and accountability. By drawing upon our expert knowledge, experience and attention for every detail, we will grow our business and achieve our vision.

The following sections of our website include important information regarding the products and services offered by Indigo-GT, we strongly advise you browse the following sections prior to making a purchase, if you have any questions regarding our policies and procedures or the products and/or services offered by Indigo-GT, please contact us.

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Our History

Indigo-GT was established in November 2005 by Antony James and Robert Williams, initially the company specialised in the sale of premium aftermarket parts for Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution's, within a couple of years and owing to demand from customers, Indigo-GT began offering servicing, maintenance and tuning primarily for Evo's and other performance Japanese cars from a small industrial unit in Merthyr-Tydfil.

Within just three years the company had grown considerably and by 2010, Indigo-GT occupied two separate units, one with a focus on MOT's and general servicing with the companies main unit being the focus of performance tuning and aftermarket parts sales.

By 2011, the company had physically run out of space and with a four wheel drive chassis dyno on the way from the United States, the company took a bold decision to move to a much larger site in Tredegar, with this move came new opportunities as the company diversified it's operations and began building it's reputation as a performance centre catering for a wide range of brands but with a heavy emphasis behind performance cars first and foremost.

In 2013 Indigo-GT became a Revo Authorised Dealer offering the complete range of performance software and hardware that Revo is known globally for, this was also the year that the company became an EcuTek Master Tuner, having used EcuTek Software for a number of years to remap Evo 10's and later model Impreza's, the companies appointment as a Master Tuner allowed Indigo-GT to offer remapping of the stock Nissan R35 GT-R ECU, Indigo-GT remains the only EcuTek Master Tuner in Wales and one of just a handful in the UK.

Our Team

Ryan Davies

Company Director

Ryan joined Indigo-GT in 2013 as a company director after working for an international manufacturing group that serves as a Tier 1 supplier to the automotive and aerospace industry.

Ryan has known both Antony and Rob for over ten years dating back to his misspent youth when he used to own a Subaru Impreza Type R, his Impreza was one of the first cars Antony ever mapped, although that seems like a life time ago today.

Ryan's role within the company is focused around day to day operations including customer service related queries but he is also adept at technical sales and our Revo and IGT-R remapping packages, you'll find him wrapped up in the corner of the office trying to stay warm... even in July.

Ryan currently drives a BMW M140i.

Antony James

Company Director

One of the founding company directors, Antony's role is focused around custom remapping for Evo's, GT-R's and Impreza's. His knowledge of Evo's (having owned several) is exemplary granting him the ability to offer our customers sound technical advice in support of the products and services offered by Indigo-GT.

Antony makes several trips across to continental Europe every year to remap customers cars, in addition to stock ECU remapping, Antony has a great deal of experience mapping Motec and Link ECU's for motorsport applications. If you visit Indigo-GT, more often than not you'll find him working on a car on our dyno.

Antony currently drives a Focus RS Mk3 and a Porsche GT3.

Callum Thornbury

Workshop Manager

Callum (affectionately known by colleagues and customers alike as "Stretch" owing to his ridiculous height) has been with us for quite some time, joining us an apprentice vehicle technician he completed his formal qualification with us and now manages the day to day running of the workshop and serves as the line manager of both Connor and Daniel.

Callum is more than capable of completing any workshop based service offered by Indigo-GT but his specialist knowledge makes him our go to guy when it comes to our forged engine builds and other specialist projects.

He currently drives an E92 BMW M3.

Daniel Pitchford

Senior Vehicle Technician

Daniel joined Indigo-GT a couple of years ago after taking a break from his career as a vehicle technician, in the time that Daniel has been with us, he's proven himself to be an incredibly capable and trustworthy colleague that's always prepared to go the extra mile in line with our customers expectations.

An integral part of our small team, Daniel specialises in SST Gearbox Rebuilds which anyone that knows anything about Getrag gearboxes will tell you, is no small feat.

Daniel's day to day work involves routine servicing, maintenance and alignment using our Hunter system

Daniel drives a Renault Megane RS250.

Alistair Mulligan

Vehicle Technician

Alistair is our second smallest member of staff.

Alistair currently drives (insert make and model here).

Daniel Jenkins

Vehicle Technician

Daniel is our smallest member of staff.

Daniel currently drives a Mondeo ST220.

Morgan O'Connell

Apprentice Vehicle Technician

Morgan is the latest addition to the Indigo-GT team having been with us since June 2017, at the moment he's very much in the learning stage but we have no doubt that under Callum's guidance, with hard work and dedication he will make himself an integral part of our team.

Morgan is currently a pedestrian.

Richard Oxtoby

Technical Sales Associate

If you call Indigo-GT, Richard is likely the first person you speak to, drawing on years of experience working for a major automotive parts distributor, Richard's role is focused around technical sales enquiries from both retail and trade customers.

If you message the company via our Facebook page, it's likely Richard will be the person that's responding to you.

Richard currently drives a Audi A4, he finally saw the light and scrapped off his Mk 3 Astra.

Paul Brosnan (His uncle is Pierce)

Technical Sales Associate

Paul is the latest addition to the team here at Indigo-GT, his role is focused around parts ordering, liaising with suppliers and managing website orders, if you have an outstanding order with us, Paul is the guy to ask for.

Paul is currently a pedestrian.

Our Services

Indigo-GT is widely known as the premier tuning centre in South Wales, we have our own in-house 4WD Chassis Dyno, we're an EcuTek Master Tuner, Revo Authorised Dealer, Whiteline Performance Centre, Dodson Motorsport Pro-Dealer (the only Evo Pro-Dealer in the UK) and a KW Automotive Partner, these are just a few of our prestigious accomplishments.

We have the latest Hunter Hawk Eye Four Wheel Alignment System and through our Corner Weighting Service, we're able to offer you the very best in terms of suspension set up and handling performance backed up by our real world track experience. We provide Tier 1 Remapping Services to one of the worlds largest car manufacturers (who's name we can't disclose unfortunately) but first and foremost, we're enthusiasts, everyone of us, we're passionate about performance cars, from Evo's to R8's, from GT-R's to V8 Kit Cars, over the years we've seen them all and the popularity of our services speak for themselves.

From our unit in Ystrad Mynach, as well offering an extensive array of high end performance car parts, we offer a full fitting, advanced diagnostics, routine maintenance and general servicing.

We pride ourselves on our service and our ability to meet and exceed our customer expectations, unlike many on-line parts retailers, as tuning company we work with and use the parts we supply on a daily basis providing us with first hand experience and allowing us to offer our customers unparalleled levels of support and guidance.

A comprehensive list of the services we offer can be accessed via the menu above, if you require a product or service that's not included, don't hesitate to contact us as we may be able to support your enquiry or make recommendations. Our online shop is constantly improving to offer all our customers the best possible shopping experience, we are continuing to update our product range so please contact us if you're after a particular part which we haven't listed on our site - it doesn't mean we can't supply it!